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Saturday, April 09, 2016

How to make a successful blog?

Hello. in today's world if someone wants to earn money, online blogging can be a good option.But this section needs some time respect to other things online,and also it needs some writting skills.But yeah if you have a real writing skills it is excellent for you in blogging.

I started my blogging just before 20 days and now its my daily life.before 5 to 10 years back blogging was just done as a part of hobby.But nowadays to earn money blogging is done.lets back to the topic.

so to make a blog, first you need a custom domain name and web hoisting.i requires little amount of money too.below are some sites for buying domains and web hosting:

  1. Go daddy
  2. Bluehost
  3. mydomain
There are many more but these few you can fully trust.From the sites above buy one domain name of your choice and a web hoisting.Then install wordpress or blogger on your website and make your own blog or if already have(blogspot or wordpress) connect that with your current website.

If geniuenly speaking ,if you think only making a custom domain and making a blog with no interest doesn't make sense.Therefore if you have interest in writting then only make a blog .Don't be greedy that you can earn money by just placing ads.It needs traffic on your website,which comes to those blogs which is worth coming.So please keep this in your mind.

So after buying a custom domain and web hoisting,make one niche of your blog you want to write.

  • How to decide a niche?
Niche means topic you want to write.It is very important to decide a useful niche and your familiar niche so that the best you can write and your blog becomes worth spending money.

  1. Decides the niche in which you are good and familiar.
  2. Also decides the niche on the basis of the top topic going in the world i.e.technology,sports,space,NASA etc.

After deciding the best niche for your blog work on the template and layout of your blog.The good looking blog will alwalys get traffic.After all this concentrate on your writting content rather than getting affiliate programs or google adsene.
  • How to write a good content?
  1. To write a good content use simple and grammetically correct language rather than using tough language.
  2. Don't copy your content from any other sources.
  3. Write everything you know about the topic you have selected.
  4. The topic should very sinple so that when one search on google your one comes on the list.

Then comes the campaigning.Connect your blog to facebook ,twitter, etc.Doing this will create traffic to your website and hence make it popular.

You can also make a free website by making an account on blogger , wordpress ,etc.Among this given in my opinion one should make a blog on blogger because google adsense prefer to  approves blogs of blogger rather than wordpress or any other.

  • some good tips to make a good blog.
  1. Make your content easy to read and short.
  2. use theme that suits to your blog.
  3. connect your blog with facebook,google+, etc.
  4. Write everything yo know about the topic.
  5. Don't copy the content from any other sources
Hence if you follow this i am sure your blog will become popular and you will achieve success.