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Sunday, April 17, 2016

How to earn money from a blog?

Earlier blog were written only ya part of a hobby.But now in this  unique world it is done for making money.people are doing blogging mostly for making money and not as a part of hobby.They should understand that we should do thing not for earning money but for fun.We should think of money but on a second step.

Moving on the topic ,as a blogger the days are gone where blogger can earn  money by only google adsense.There are many different ways to earn money.They are:
  1. Google adsense
  2. Affiliating programs
  3. direct advertisinge
  4. pay per clicks ads 
  5. sell your own products

  • Google adsense
It is the top most choice of every blogger to earn moey from google adsense.IF your blog get approvation from googlr adsense that your will earn money for sure.Also it is tough to get approved.One your blog get approvation no one can stop you from earning money

  • affiliating programs
This type of programs are programs which paids you for showing their ads on your website/blog.Certain amount is fixed on selling their products(commission).some affiliate programs are given below:

  1. amazon affiliate program
  2. flipkar affiliate program
  3. snapdeal affiliate programs
here are some of the affiliate programs i will prefer ,specially for indians.There so many programs that i cannot list here.

  • Direct advertising
Advertising that uses traditional methods such as television or magazine advertisements advertisingthat involves contacting people directly, for example by writing to them, to tell them about a product or service is called direct advertising.
  • pay per click ads
pay per clicks are ads which you show on your website and earn money by total numbers clicks on that ads.Google adsense are one of this type.some sites for pay per clicks ads are given below:
  1. bidvertiser
  2. infolinks
  3. chitika
  • sell your won products 
this is  rarely seen among blogger because first we have open one brand and then sell your products.but one who sell their products can earn money .

so this are the ways to earn money from your website/bog.one can earn more money compare  to their full time jobs from their blogs.