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Thursday, March 31, 2016


There are thousand of criminals around the globe including terrorists, killers, drug smugglers, and war criminals. TopYaps brings you a list of such top 10 criminals – 10 of the world’s most evil and dangerous men. Have a look and drop your suggestions in the comments!

10. Omid Tahvili (Persia):

Bigwig of an Iranian crime organization, he was accused with mail fraud, wire fraud, telemarketing and abetting. He escaped from a high-security prison in Nov. 2007 after bribing a guard. Due to his brawny relationships in Europe and Middle East, he is still dodging intelligence agencies and working as an international crime operator.
Top 10 criminals of the world

9. James “Whitey” Bulger (America):

Lover of history books and Adolf Hitler, he is on FBI’s most wanted list since 1995. In the starting years he was arrested for stealing, forgery, assault and armed robbery. He is known for his trusting and beneficial relationship with gangsters.
Top 10 criminals of the world

8. Al Capone (America):

Keeping the formula “money is the game” in mind, a boy joined a street gang and later became an epitome of devastation in the United States. He initiated his crime archive with rackets of gambling, extortion, protection and prostitution. His explosive temper made him the boss of American criminal enterprise.
Top 10 criminals of the world

7. Matteo Messina Denaro (Italy):
Better known as “Boss of all bosses,” this cinematically credited “Playboy Don” is fond of expensive Porsche sports car, Rolex watches, Rayban sunglasses, fancy clothes from Giorgio Armani, Versace and young girls. Born in a Mafia family, this leader of Cosa Nostra (Mafia) learned to use the gun at the early age of 14. He, himself, admits – “I filled a cemetery all by myself.”
Top 10 criminals of the world

6. Joseph Kony (Uganda):

Foe of the Ugandian Government, Kony formed a rebellion group Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in 1987. Fond of wearing women’s dresses, he is accused in enormous criminal cases such as murder, kidnapping, enslavement, rape, cruel acts with civilians and etc. Really, an obnoxious face of human!
Top 10 criminals of the world

5. Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov (Russia):

A fabulous footballer at a time, he proceeded Moscow to become a big gun of gambling world where money matters. Nominal head of Russian organized crime, arms dealing, smuggling and other notorious activities, he once introduced himself as “I’m a successful businessman, a patron of the arts, a community worker. That’s what I call myself today.”
Top 10 criminals of the world

4. Felicien Kabuga (Rwanda):

A prominent businessman and multimillionaire of Rwanda, Kabuga is said to be the prime accused of Rwandan genocide of 1994, which claimed estimated lives of 800,000 people. Apart from this hellish act, he is also involved in bankrolling and other crimes.
Top 10 criminals of the world

3. Pedro Antonio Marin (Colombia):

Also know as Tirofijo, he is the beginner of FARC, a terrorist organization based on Marxist doctrine. This organization is involved with drug trafficking, murder, extortion, kidnapping and various criminal activities. With it’s own military and thousands of supporters, FARC’s main targets are politics, economics and military of Colombia.
Top 10 criminals of the world

2. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar (India):

Inspiration of Bollywood’s underworld theme and the owner of D-Company, his crime era started after murdering Karim Lala (Godfather of Mumbai’s crime during 1980’s). Soon he became the fire machine of Bombay’s streets. Mumbai bomb blast in March, 1993, made him the crime boss. Son of a policeman, this big fish of crime world is a major headache for intelligence agencies.
Top 10 criminals of the world
1. Joaquin Guzman (Mexico):

You can catch this 5’6″ drug lord in the Forbes list of “The World’s Billionaires” but intelligence agencies are still rubbing their hands to catch him face to face. He owns the most powerful drug corporate in Mexico. He is the next Robin Hood for his lovers as he contributes a lot for social welfare.
Top 10 criminals of the world